Cabin cruise Seychelles

Cabin cruise through the Seychelles on board a comfortable catamaran between 18-24m (57 - 78 ft.)

• 8 days / 7 nights (Mahé - St. Anne - Praslin - La Digue - Coco - Curieuse - Praslin - Cousin - Mahé)
• Full board inclusive
• Start day: Saturday

Your boat:
You will sail on board a gorgeous catamaran, the length of which (18-24m/57-78 ft.) provides you with comfort and stability. (The pictures shown here may be only examples.)

Everything is prepared to greet a maximum of 12 - 24 guests on board (+ Crew, which is made up of 2 - 4 people). The skipper is responsible for manoeuvering the yacht. The cook will take care of preparing your meals and clearing the table before and after meals. On the largest yacht there is also a technician / deckhand in order to assist the skipper in daily tasks, as well as a hostess she is your contact person for any questions about life on board. Please keep in mind that cabins and bathrooms are not cleaned by the crew during your cruise.



The meals will be held together, predominantly in the cockpit. Drinks on board (included in charge): during the whole day table water, coffee, tea.

Drinks package on request € 145 p.P. payable with contract: during breakfast: additional juice, during meals: table wine or 0,5l beer, one local rum-based aperitif, softdrinks, fruit-juice.

You can buy additional drinks on board. You may at any time victual yourself further to your liking. We also do not mind if you bring additional beer or other alcoholic drinks on board. The menu can vary depending on the choice of the local markets as well as the results of the fishing.

Your Yacht and Crew:
The sailing cruises are held on catamarans of 18-24m. They have 6 to 12 guest cabins and a crew of 2-4 people. Each guest cabin possesses an “ensuite” bathroom (shower/ WC).
Your catamaran has a saloon (“living room”) with an integrated kitchen, as well as a cockpit which is protected from wind and strong sun. Most of the interactive life on board will take place in the cockpit.

The catamarans are equipped with the maximum safety equipment according to the regulations of the respective country (tracking system, life rafts, life vests, etc.). 

The captain is very experienced, and knows the local area and the boat extremely well. He will point out places of interest, bring you closer to the country and the locals, and will show you the most beautiful bathing and snorkel areas in the whole of the Seychelles. You will swim and snorkel in turquoise blue water, or relax on white beaches while the cook may be already preparing some fish or steaks.

The cabin:
Our catamarans have up to 12 guest cabins with a wardrobe, reading lights, a fan, a window and showers/ WC with a basin. Please keep in mind that water on board is limited. However the store is large enough to ensure two showers per day for every guest. In any case your captain will remind you to be diligent with the fresh water on board.

Children over the age of 12 years may take part in cabin cruises. One child will share a cabin with one adult.



Worth knowing about the cabin cruise:

It is necessary to get a valid passport to clear inward in the different islands. (People with non-EU citizenship please contact us). 

Prior to embarkation each guest has to pay the "board cash" including entrance fees for marina parks and isles, port and customs charges, water, etc. Please refer to the current pricelist to know the amount of the "board cash".

During the cruise the guests usually reward the service of the crew with a tip of € 5 - 7 per passenger per day. 

The first evening is dedicated to getting to know other guests and to settling in. Keep in mind, that the guests arrive on different flights and therefore board the boat at various times. However we cannot be held responsible if the passenger arrives late due to delayed/cancelled flights. Please be at the meeting point latest 30 minutes before check-in.

Your active participation in life on board is appreciated. Please remember that this is a sailing trip on a catamaran, not on a cruise ship with a large crew. Life on board is interactive.

Sailing maneuvers and life on board:
To attend one of our cabin cruises, no prior knowledge about sailing and the handling of a boat is expected. One does not have to be sporty in order to take part in this cruise and to get to know the beautiful islands in this way. The captain is capable of handling the yacht completely on his own. However you have the chance to learn something about sailing, even though it is not a trip organized for this purpose.

Depending on the wind and weather during your cabin cruise, you may drive a section under engines. That means that the anchoring place will be reached by the engines and that the sails cannot be hoisted.

Private cruises , group bookings and incentive cabin cruises:
You may use the same offer for a private journey, including friends and family only, your group or incentive charter. In this case, no other guests would be attending. For more information and a personal quote of such a group sailing charter please contact your tour operator.

We would also like you to know, that pictures in the catalogue or on the homepage, do not necessarily show the boat which you have booked your sailing cruise on. Most of the pictures serve as examples.

1 week cabin price from: 2520 EUR